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November 3, 2014 by ztheb

I very much valued the feedback from my peers, and agree with everything they have suggested. I was worried that I had written my blog too formal, and didn’t reflect enough on the weekly tasks. This was confirmed in the feedback, so I worked through each post and tried to make it reflect my learning more, rather than explaining my learning. This is a big part of the assessment and I hope I have now adjust each post enough to achieve better reflection on each of the weekly tasks.

I was not surprised Sarah noticed some spelling and grammar errors, this is to be expected considering my dyslexia. Before my final submission, I worked through each post with a tutor to iron out these errors. This is an area I constantly find challenging, and I have tried my best to overcome with extra support and allowing myself extra time to work through each post.

I am glad Sarah noticed the visual aspects of the blog and the extra links, as this is an area I worked hard on to make my writing seem more appealing and draw people in. I was aiming to make each post more active through video’s or images to break up the written part of each post. I spent a lot of time finding links that connect to each week’s discussions to broaden the information I discussed, and to provide readers with extra resources they could use to look into topics.

Writing this blog has helped me consolidate my learning, and allowed me to research each weekly topic in great detail. The process has helped to scaffold my ideas and build my understanding of how digital technology can be used in the classroom.

Blog_Rubric_Peer_Marking_1_ _1_Zarah-2


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