Life Long Learning.

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October 23, 2014 by ztheb

(WartonMagzine, 2014)

I looked into life long learning this week, which made me reflect on the role education plays in teaching children about technology. Life long learning is broadly defined as learning that is pursued throughout life: learning that is flexible, diverse and available at different times, and in different places. Life long learning crosses sectors, promoting learning beyond traditional schooling and throughout adult life (Life Long Learning Council Queensland, 2014).

Life long learning now includes digital devices – after all, there is constant upgrading of new technologies (almost daily!), and what is high whizz technology right now won’t be in a year’s time. In the digital age, young people need to be highly skilled in the use of technology. I agree that, while schools already employ these technologies in learning, there is a need to increase their effectiveness significantly over the next decade (Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs, as cited in Howell, 2012 ). I believe this is so students are able to adapt quickly to new technologies, and be able to master them to better their education and employment opportunities.

I discovered two important Australian documents that set goals for our education system, The Melbourne Declaration and Digital Education Revolution. The documents aim to contribute sustainable and meaningful change to teaching and learning in Australian schools, so that students are prepared for further education, training and to live and work in a digital world (Digital Education Revolution, as cited in Howell, 2012 ). These documents help guide and support teachers in implementing the use of technology in the classroom, and areas they can seek to improve.

(WartonMagazine, 2014)

Reflecting on what I have learnt over my course of research, digital technologies are here to stay! So, as an up and coming Early Years Learning teacher, it is my responsibility to prepare young children for life long learning in this area. Introducing them to a range of technological devices and programs is essential, so that they can establish basic knowledge which can be built on in future years. To achieve this, I need to ensure I embrace and use new and past technologies within the learning plans that I create, so as to help me to support and develop efficient digital users.

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