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October 13, 2014 by ztheb

‘Technology could allow a whole generation to create- remixed films, new forms of music, digital art, a new kind of storytelling, writing, a new technology for poetry, criticism, political activism – and then, through the infrastructure of the internet, share that creativity with others’

(Lessig, 2002, as cited in Howell, 2012, p. 89).

Digital fluency in the early years is about allowing children to experience and explore digital devices and guiding them as they discover new programs and related skills. This week’s course work illustrated that when in the classroom, I need to use technology that will help students access a wide range of information. Teaching them how to access a high level of information, as well as how to decipher quality sources, will help children develop their understanding of technology and its purposes. Cultivating a positive attitude towards technology use and learning is essential, as it will help children explore and feel confident in continuing to use digital technologies in their future learning. I also need to be constantly aware that technology can play many roles within a learning environment and will change over time.

The early years are an important phase for technology learning, as it can set the foundation for future digital use. It’s important to remember that learners enter the schooling system with differing levels of technology experience and skills. I will aim to allow all students to gain sound sets of skills and a wide range of technology experience, which is later expected and needed throughout schooling and within society (Howell, 2012, p. 125). As such, I need to ensure all use of digital programs and devices are helping students to Scaffold their learning, both on the devices and in each subject’s focus.

TEACHING RESOURCE – Pintrest & Pandora

As well as learning about the need for children to access a high amount of digital information and digital resources, this week I also explored online community resources for teachers and parents.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 4.10.32 pm

(Digital Information World, 2014)


I looked at two sites in particular, both of which allow you to search, select, share and develop new ideas:

  • Pinterest – An application that offers visual discovery, collection, sharing, and storage of tools and things that interest you. When used right, it is a great educational resource that allows you to find, keep and research lesson plans and ideas.
  • Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 4.22.52 pmPandora – An Australian web archive created by the National Library of Australia. It has a collection of library materials and allows you to search for information on its database, including information sheets, articles, and many other types of resources.

I found that both are fantastic for storing and researching concepts, ideas and lesson plans. These are great online communities that can help connections to be formed between different sites and teaching ideas. I personally think Pinterest will be the recourse I use the most within an Early Years Learning environment, as it will allow me to search, store and keep ideas I find on my own personal site, making it easy to access for future study and teaching.

Pinterst is a very easy site to use and navigate. There are a wide range of ideas and themes shared throughout the site, and all are seemingly easy to connect with and follow. Here is my Pinterest site. These are the ideas I have collected so far, but I hope to find many more over time:

Reference List

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