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October 13, 2014 by ztheb

Australia is unfortunately one of the higher ranking countries when it comes to cyberbullying, especially on social networking sites. According to a report done by the Ipsos Social Research Institute, Australia currently ranks 5th in the world for cyberbullying and 1st for cyberbullying specifically on social networking sites (May, 2012).

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Ryan Williams, Ipsos Director, defines cyberbullying as that which occurs when individuals intentionally intimidate, offend, threaten or embarrass another child or group of children specifically through the use of information technology (May, 2012).


(Paige’s Preference, 2014)

Cyberbullying is an issue to be addressed both in and out the classroom – it can not be ignored. However, as written by Sally Thibault, cyberbullying is unfortunately a part of a larger culture of bullying. She writes: ‘[s]chools battle every day in teaching children about bullying and cyber-bullying – but when we have a country where bullying is endemic, they are fighting a losing battle. Bullying is just an accepted way of behaviour – from Politics, to Reality TV, to Gossip Magazines – our children are growing up on a diet of bad behaviour by adults, making it incredibly challenging for schools’ (Thibault, 2014).

I absolutely agree with Sally, and believe it is therefore crucial for teachers to be role models for anti-bullying at large. This involves being proactive, mindful and supportive when it comes to cyberbullying for both the victim and the perpetrator. I need to source a wide range of resources to try to create and maintain a safe online community, and educating children on this matter.

Great resources I found to date and that can help to support, inform and provide suggestions about cyber bullying for parents, teachers and children can be found below:

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